We prepare many "KIMONOs" and everything that you need to wear it.
We are located in Gion Kyoto.
You can do the sights of Kyoto with Kimono.
Why don't you enjoy Kyoto more with Kimono!?


Kimono rental fee

šWomen's casual Kimono set EEEE from 2,500yen
šWomen's formal Kimono set EEEE from 3,500yen
šMen's casual Kimono set EEEEEEfrom 3,500yen
šKid's Kimono set EEEEEEEEE from 3,500yen
–Each set includes šdressing service fee. šev‚…rything to wear Kimono,japanese sandal, and bag also.
–Hair set is not included. (We have opptional plan,please ask us.)
–We can keep your luggage exept valuables.
–It wil take about 30minutes in dressing.
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address@§605-0811 Karmunesu gion minami 202,Komatsu-cho560-14,
@@@@@@@@@@@Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi
tel 075-561-8253

hp : www.kyo-bebeya.jp
mail: bebe-ya@maia.eonet.ne.jp